terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009

Semantic Research


Semantic Research

Neural Networks. Network-centric Warfare. Terrorist Networks. First-responder Networks. Social Networks. Supplier Networks.

Networks are fast becoming the dominant model of organization in virtually every facet of life. And for good reason. The network model of organization is comprehensive, it is contextually relevant and connected.

SEMANTICA® — the groundbreaking network representation software from Semantic Research, Inc., is the only software product that is entirely based on semantic networks as a model for mapping the rich interconnectedness of all things.

Our patent-pending application of semantic network theory as a means for representing information in context enables a revolution in people's ability to see and interact with networks of knowledge. Network representations of knowledge lead to enhanced cognition, deeper understanding, and rapid synthesis - which result in breakthrough insights.

Semantica provides an intuitive, graphical environment for data fusion, natural language processing and analysis. Semantica quickly and easily integrates knowledge from virtually any source, incorporates it into common knowledge representation framework and distributes it to learners, subject matter experts and decision makers.

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