terça-feira, 17 de março de 2009

Mind Manager


Break free from information overload—and soar to new heights

Do you harness the wealth of data, Web pages, and other input that comes your way every day? Is there a way to use it more effectively to formulate new ideas, sharpen your focus, and ultimately drive your success? New MindManager 8 for Windows is the answer.

Unlike the usual linear-based approach of most productivity tools, MindManager 8 uses mind-mapping technology to let you capture, organize, and communicate information using an intuitive visual canvas. You'll be able to work smarter and transform your ideas into action more quickly.

Access the right information, when you need it

MindManager 8 lets you quickly gather relevant information from the Internet and other resources.

  • Consolidate vast amounts of data and ideas from multiple sources onto a single map
  • Surf or search the Web from within MindManager 8, adding links to your map for future reference
  • Add dynamic content from customer databases, internal applications and other company resources

Stay in the zone and maintain your laser focus

The integrated browser, search, and editing features, MindManager 8 eliminates these types of distractions so you can stay focused on the work at hand.

  • Navigate quickly through all your data and other assets
  • Find just what you need with powerful filter and search functions
  • View and modify Microsoft Office documents right within MindManager

Shift into high-gear and get things done

With new automated task management in MindManager 8 you can quickly get a high-level view of status with visual indicators that bring things to light in a flash.

  • Map out tasks, start and due dates, resources, and status so that you don't miss a beat
  • Track project summary data effortlessly through automated calculations of task progress
  • Take control of project timelines, budgets, and resources by using Mindjet's JCVGantt add-on to MindManager 8

Communicate your ideas to the world (or just your corner of it)

MindManager 8 lets you really strut your stuff by helping you connect and communicate your ideas with others.

  • Transform your maps into fully interactive Adobe PDF or Flash files—there's no special software required for viewing
  • Post your Flash maps on Web sites or your blog
  • Collaborate with others on maps in real time, or present your ideas on the Web, using Mindjet Connect

Do you find it difficult to align everyone around common information? Mindjet Connect is ideal for teams that need to work with MindManager maps together in real-time! Co-edit maps, facilitate web-conferences, access maps in web browsers and more.
Do you face challenges with the accuracy of time and cost estimates in running a project? JCVGantt gives you greater insight into your work by viewing project deliverables and resource in either map view or Gantt chart view.
Need a jumpstart on improving your project plans within mind maps? Set up your project for success with dozens of professionally designed, real-world maps and templates.
Take your maps to the next level with solutions from Mindjet partners.

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