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Semantic Portal - Semantic Widgets



Semantic Portal - Semantic Widgets

To be able to use the knowledge bases and make the most of their content, Mondeca offers an innovative solution: a semantic portal. In concrete terms, a semantic portal is an Internet site that offers a single point of access to a broad range of resources and services centred on a knowledge base.

Users can thus develop, search and navigate within their information space, using both the semantics of their knowledge bases and a range of high-end services.

Mondeca's semantic portal solution is based on a widget library: display elements, to be added in a portal, which offer advanced functionalities.

For presentation purposes, we shall group them in broad categories based on functionality:

  • Entering a request in natural language: entry areas to help the user submit his/her request to the search service.
  • Display and navigation within results: different approaches to access the search results (e.g. a textual list or image grid) and to navigate within them.
  • Faceted navigation: Viewing the number of results in facets (constituting as many viewpoints on the results) where each facet value allows the search to be refined. This solution enables users to be guided through their searches.
  • Results map: widgets capable of displaying results in time, on maps, or according to their semantics
  • Mapping of relationships between subjects in the database

These different widgets can be assembled to create a semantic portal offering a rich search and navigation experience within a knowledge base.

Some examples of widgets

View the results

Filter the search with facets

View and modify the request

Map the results in time

Map the results in space

Semantic map of results


The semantic portal supports two types of integration: high or low level.

High level integration

The parameter setting level is limited to predefined parameters for each widget. However, this level of integration enables a semantic portal to be set up very quickly and easily.

Low level integration

It is then possible to assemble and set parameters for the existing widgets in order to be able to use them to create new ones.

Integration with the various search engines

The widgets are independent of the search engine used; only the API for dialogue with the search engine is specially adapted

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