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ITM e-Catalog



ITM e-Catalog

ITM e-Catalog - what is it used for?

  • You require a showcase for your products on the web
  • You need to create entire sales environments: varied, cross-selling, seasonal, multilingual, modifiable on demand, etc.
  • You wish to increase your Internet sales by offering cross-selling and suggestive selling
  • You have a very comprehensive catalogue or reference material and associated information
  • You wish to link your products and services with your specialist information, to develop assistance for selection, etc.
  • You want a high-performance solution for searching and navigation your catalogue
  • Because your domain is constantly evolving, you require a solution to easily enrich the types of product managed and their relationships, to integrate new catalogues and to extend the services


  • Management of heterogeneous product catalogues thanks to extended modelling and extension capacities
  • Multilingual management of several catalogues in parallel
  • Capacity to manage any type of relationship between items such as services and information in order to implement the principles of cross-selling, promoting sales as the presentation of products in their context of use
  • Integration of documentation and knowledge management functions to inform and assist the customer in these choices
  • Extensive metadata management with publication adapted to the Web environment

These strengths are implemented in particular in e-tourism solutions for the territories:

  • A highly uniform offer including multiple products (accommodation, dining, activities, events, crafts, etc.)
  • Contextual relationships to promote offers in order to make a “customised purchase”: associating an activity with a service, accommodation, a visit or an event, etc.
  • Associating offers with an information and knowledge base describing heritage, culture, places, activities, historical characters, etc.
  • High quality customer services to offer efficient selection of products, such as suggestive selling and additional offers

Back office functionalities

  • Modelling of the various catalogues and sales environments
  • Management of catalogues, items, services and their relationships, etc. in multilingual mode
  • Management of lexicons and reference tables associated with catalogues
  • Management of taxonomies describing the different types of products in the catalogue
  • Management of exploration and search taxonomies within the catalogues
  • Management of documentation notices, concepts and knowledge subjects for attaching to items and services
  • Management of internal and external links
  • Assisted creation interface with conformity check for item description
  • Import and export from the catalogue in XML format
  • Publication of the catalogue in RDF
  • Compatibility with catalogue management standards: EAN, PLIB, eClass, etc.

Web portal functionalities

  • Web publication of the catalogue including the navigation tools within the sales environments, the dynamic filtering tools (faceted searching), the relationships and links between items/information,
  • Advanced search services: full text, multicriteria, facets, suggestions, etc.
  • Shopping basket management application for catalogues with different selection modes
  • Connectors for integrating additional services: stock management, reservation management, information map

The ITM e-Catalog solution has API and Web Services to facilitate its integration into the information system and to connect to the company's information system.

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