terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009

The Art Of Repurposing Technology To Satisfy Risk Managemen

The Art Of Repurposing Technology To Satisfy Risk Managemen: "Under the theme of doing more with less, we are hearing stories about how in today's economic climate consumers are looking to save money and time by repurposing household items. Consumers are finding new and alternative lives for products that seemingly no longer have any utility rather than discarding them. For example, we hear stories of converting old blue jeans into purses and children's clothes. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has gotten into the act by starting a garden in the White House lawn and using food scraps as compost.

All of this repurposing and reutilization news got me thinking about how corporate risk and compliance departments could leverage impending or ongoing enterprise technology initiatives for their own department's objectives. As such, this article will explore how certain enterprise technology projects can be expanded and given alternative lives beyond the initially intended purpose. In particular, two general areas of technology that were once thought of as 'nice-to-haves' can now be thought of as 'must-haves' when using them for risk, compliance and legal purposes."

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