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The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite (eKS) offers the necessary technology extension for Hyperwave IS/6, enabling information to be captured and managed easily and distributed efficiently within the enterprise, as well as to business partners and customers.

Managing Information

ig_cim_04This is achieved through the unique combination of sophisticated content and document management with standards-based web technology, which efficiently supports business processes within the Hyperwave Collaborative Information Management (CIM) Platform.

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite (eKS) supports more than 200 file formats, which enables organisations to perform Document Management, Web Content Management, Information Retrieval, Business Process Automation and Collaborative Team working. The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite provides all of this functionality with a highly integrated, uniform, efficient and extremely scalable CIM-platform, whereby efforts for integration and administration and so the Total Costs of Ownership are definitely reduced.

Features & Functionality

Document Management
  • Support of all document formats, e.g. MS Office, multimedia formats, HTML, XML, PDF, ...
  • Check in and check out, Version control, document history
  • Metadata Management
  • Integrated full-text search with Verity or Autonomy for all document formats
Content Management
  • Publishing from browser interface without additional Plug In
  • Publishing via drag & drop from Windows Desktop
  • Publishing directly from business-applications (e.g. Microsoft Office, CAD)*
  • Role-specific display of content and views
  • Optional workflow with release processes*
  • Document life cycle management
  • Guaranteed link consistency in HTML through dynamic Hyperwave link management
  • Easy customization of user interface
Knowledge- und Information Management
  • Automated Categorization
  • Search and display similar documents
  • Search and access to external data sources
  • Agents for automatic notification of new content
  • Saving of search queries in dynamical folders
  • Identification of experts for specialized issues
Collaboration - Interaction und Communication
  • Online discussion forums with archiving
  • Full email integration ("cc: Intranet")
  • Hyperwave Team Workspace for collaboration between project teams in different locations*
  • Task Management
  • Integrated Calendar System
  • Presence Awareness and Instant Messaging (Chat) *
  • Real Time Collaboration, including Audio, Video *
  • Application- and Desktop-Sharing *
  • Secure data transfer with SSL V3 encoding *
  • Supports Client-Side Certificates*
  • Flexible security concept with individual rights assignment
  • Integration in existing authorization concepts (Active Directory, X.500, LDAP) *
  • Single Sign On for Windows NT/2000

*Aditional module

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite (eKS) enables the simple management of structured and unstructured data in a dynamic Collaborative Information Management (CIM) System, as well as allowing access to this information at any time. The most important characteristic is the connection of sophisticated content and document management with standards-based Web technology, whereby core processes in the enterprise are efficiently supported.

Intuitive user prompting, role-specific content display and automatic pushing of information provide intelligent support for both knowledge management as well as effective collaboration – within enterprises and business-to-business. High scalability as well as simple adaptation and administration tools allow for flexible upgrading of the system.

The Architecture

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Suite is based on Hyperwave IS/6, the Hyperwave Collaborative Information (CIM) Management Platform and is the central platform for Hyperwave Collaborative Information Management.


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